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    Language for Mobility     
We invite students to study at intensive foreign language courses «Language for Mobility»:

  1. English for Mobility
  2. Module "Speaking" (English for Mobility)
  3. German for Mobility
  4. Module "Speaking" (German for Mobility)
  5. French for Mobility
  6. Chinese for Mobility

Courses are appropriate for your preparation to study abroad.

Course education provides:

  • TPU certificate, which gives you an opportunity to participate in academic mobility programmes.
  • Program orientation to study abroad and social adaptation in a host country.
  • Involvement of native speakers and highly qualified teachers with international certificates for lessons.
  • Meetings in a “round table” form with international students - participants of the similar academic exchange programs.
  • Intensive language training.
  • Modern teaching tools (multimedia training programs, electronic textbooks, etc.).
  • Opportunity for self-study work in the language laboratory.

For detailed information please contact us:
Usov str., 4a, Building 19, of. 412. Tel.: +7 (3822) 606-459
Irina Y. Gerasimchuk, e-mail:,
Tatyana A. Potovskaya, e-mail:

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