Пожарницкая Ольга Вячеславовна
Кандидат экономических наук

Школа инженерного предпринимательства, Доцент
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Associate Professor of Natural Resource Economics. General scientific and pedagogical experience on 01.01.16, the - 13 years.

I graduated from the Tomsk State University, Department of Economics.

In 2006 I defended her thesis on the specialty "Economics and Management of National Economy" specialization of labor economics.

In 2012 he was awarded the title of Associate Professor of Natural Resource Economics.

OV Pogharnitskaya is actively involved in research work on the subject department. Her research results are relevant, have a scientific novelty, practical and scientific value.

In general, according to the results published from 2003 scientific activity and 2015. 50 scientific works, including 16 articles in journals recommended by VAK, 3 article in the database Scopus data, three manuals, a training complex and a monograph.

Training courses:

• TSU "Innovative educational technologies" (2008);

• State Academy of Innovation program "Information competence in the professional activity of the teacher of the university", Moscow (2009);

• TPU "Conducting energy audits in order to improve energy efficiency and savings" (2011), Tomsk;

• TPU "Basis of consolidation" (2011);

• SAP TPU Certificate SAP Certified Business Associate with SAP ERP 6.0 (2011), with the right to teach in the SAP TPU center.

•TPU "Creating a portfolio technical college teacher pedagogical technologies" (2014).•

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