Пономарёв Владимир Алексеевич

Отдел по образовательной деятельности, Специалист по учебно-методической работе 1 категории
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Vladimir Alekseevich Ponomarev, assistant professor, Department of Humanities and Foreign Languages, Yurga Institute of Technology, Tomsk Polytechnic University Affiliate (Kemerovo Region, Yurga). Since September 2002 he has been in the staff of the Institute. He was born on June 13, 1959 in the town of Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan). Education: 1. Novosibirsk Higher Military and Political Multi-Service School, 1980. 2. Kemerovo State University, Faculty of History, 2000. 3. Moscow State Management and Law University, Law Faculty, 2009. Professional development: 1. Scientific training at the Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (25.08.2014 – 05.09.2014) – 72 hours. 2. Scientific training at the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (22.12.2015 – 10.01.2016 ) – 72 hours. Author and co-author of 94 scientific and 19 academic papers. Research interests: philosophy and problems of terrorism; practice of law and legal profession; state of the art Armenian and Azerbaijan relations and process of resolution of the ethno-political conflict in Nagorny Karabakh. - Journalist of Yurga Television and Radio Company (Kemerovo Region, Yurga) (since 2007). - Councilor on Military History of the Director of National Paper-Office (since 2012). - Member of Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans (since 2003). - Member of the Union of Writers of the Nagorny Karabakh Republic (since 2012). - Member of the Union of Writers of Kuzbass (since 2005). - Vice-Chairman of Yurga Division of All-Russian Non-governmental Organization ‘Boevoye Bratstvo’ (Kemerovo Region, Yurga). - Director of Yurga Youth Military and Patriotic Center ‘Zvezda’ by the Hero of the Soviet Union, Guard Lieutenant Alexander Demakov and All-Russian Non-governmental Organization of Veterans «Boevoye Bratstvo» (since 2003). - Vice-Chairman of Yurga Division of Kemerovo Regional Non-governmental Organization ‘Union Chernibyl’. Veteran of Military Service. Labor Veteran. Reserve half colonel. Military and special missions were carried out in the Republic Afghanistan (1986-1987) and in Nagorny Karabakh (1988-1992). Honors: 121 governmental, institutional honors, honors of Kemerovo Region, foreign countries, public organizations and diplomas of various contests.