Токарева Ольга Сергеевна
Кандидат технических наук

Отделение информационных технологий, Доцент

Вн. телефон: 5228
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Dr Olga Tokareva is an Associate Professor with a background in Mathematics. She obtained her PhD in 2006 at Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia in the field of Computer Technology and Geoecology. Dr Olga Tokareva is the Director of bachelor degree programmes in the field of Geographic Information Systems. Dr Olga Tokareva is currently a lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering at Tomsk Polytechnic University. She teaches remote sensing with an emphasis on digital image processing. She also develops the discipline “Professional Training in the Field of Remote Sensing” to be delivered in English for students of master degree program “Information Systems and Technologies” at TPU Institute of Cybernetics. She was awarded the grant from Indian Government and spent two months at Indian Institute of Remote Sensing in Dehradun (India), where she was engaged in training. Upon successful completion she obtained the Certificate of Professional Enhancement in 2012. She works for Institute of Petroleum Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academic of Sciences (SB RAS). Her role is as Senior Researcher. Her research activities concentrate mainly on the application of remotely sensed data and geoinformation technologies in studying technogenic impact on the environment and assessment of environmental risk. In addition to teaching and research activities, she develops syllabi, calendar and grading plans for the disciplines: - Processing of Remote Sensing Data; - Professional Training in the Field of Remote Sensing; - Aerospace Systems of Earth Monitoring; - Technologies of Data Processing.