Гавриленко Михаил Алексеевич
Доктор химических наук

Отделение химической инженерии, Профессор

Тел.: 8 (3822) 56-33-83
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Personal Data 20.09.1971 born in Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan) 22.06.1988 School Certificate and Silver Medal 04.12.1992 Marriage with Nataliya Gavrilenko (Khamatzyanova) 28.05.1997 Birth of the Daughter Maria Studies September 1988 Chemical Faculty of Tomsk State University, Tomsk. June 1993 Diploma; Diploma Thesis "Mathematical modeling of precipitation titration with binary systems" June 1996 Cand. Sci. of Analytical Chemistry; Thesis: "Application of the chemometric methods in the potentiometric titration with complicated redox systems"