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18 июня 2019 / Tuesday / Неделя нечетная
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    Alexander L. Fedyanin was born on 22.08.1982 in Seversk.

    He graduated from school № 86 in Seversk.

    In 1999, Alexander entered the Seversky Technological Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University in the faculty of electrical equipment and automation industry.

    In 2004, qualified as engineer on specialty "Electric drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes".

    In 2004, the Graduate School of Tomsk Polytechnic University on faculty "Electrical machines and devices".

    In 2007 he was awarded the degree of candidate of technical sciences, specialty 05.09.01 "Electromechanics and electric devices".

    Now Alexander is the lecturer of Electrotechnical complexes and materials department of Power Engineering Institute.

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